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Casablanca Vendimia Festival

Fiesta de la Vendimia Casablanca Chile

Fiesta de la Vendimia de Casablanca Chile

On this occasion I share our visit to the Harvest Festival of Casablanca 2017. As I said in my last article, March-April are the best dates to go to Chile if you like wine … you will have a great time!

The Casablanca Valley is home to vineyards such as Casa Emilia, Casa del Bosque, Veramonte, Indómita and many more. It is a valley that mainly produces white wine wines, but also produces a variety of red wines such as syrah and carmenere.

The Casablanca Harvest Festival is celebrated in the Plaza de Armas of Casablanca, which is like the center of the town with the characteristic square design of the Spanish era in our Latin American countries, where you have the church, the park, surrounded by houses. Here you will find the local vineyards offering their wines for tasting, local food, famous rabbit and lamb dishes, many empanadas, artisan alfajores, cocadas, artisan beers, artistic presentations, contest of grapes stomping.. Lots to see, drink and eat!

Wine Tasting:

Cervezas Artesanales en Fiesta de la Vendimia CasaBlanca Chile

Cervezas Artesanales en Fiesta de la Vendimia de Casablanca Chile

To taste the wines, you have several options of tasting tickets. You can buy a package that includes the official wine glass + 3 tastings of regular wine for (9 thousand PCH / $ 13.5 USD) OR the glass + 3 tastings of Premium wines (12 thousand PCH / $ 18 USD). And then, you can buy packages of only tastings.

Clearly, Premiums are Premium for a reason, and the difference in quality is totally remarkable, so it’s worth a couple of dollars more.

I have to mention that one of my favorite vineyards was Viña Emiliana, which offers exquisite organic wines. If you are going to repeat some wine to taste, it is worth it to be Emiliana.

One of the novelties was the artisan beers, which were strongly noted. Beer lovers could also enjoy their favorite foods accompanied by the deliciouse beers.


Fiesta de la Vendimia Casablanca Chile

Fiesta de la Vendimia Casablanca Chile

Because great gastronomic experiences are not complete without their other half, food played a key role not only to be more resistant to so much wine, but to help highlighting every sip of wine, and vice versa.

Roasted Lamb, soft, juicy and so tasty. So good so that one of us, even after having lunch, ate a whole portion and even with the side bread it came with. Rabbit Empanadas also deliciouse paired with red wine.

Craft alfajores of all the flavors and elaborated by the locals; Palm trees, which were like a large and thin sweet crust … And my favorite of the: Don Chocolat Cocadas . They were to die for. Yes, they rated it as one of those moments OMG THIS IS GLORIOUS! I AM SOOO HAPPY! You can not miss it, they’ll make your day. It’s a Must in Casablanca.

Cocadas de Don Chocolat – Vendimia de Casablanca Chile

How to get to Casablanca

With no traffic, it could take you about 45 minutes in car, non stop.

Uber: 40K CLP / $60 USD aprox for one way.

Bus: take buses with route to Valparaíso, that have stops in CasaBlanca. Departing from the San Borja Terminal of the Central Station of Santiago, taking the buses of the companies Condor Bus, Bus North, Tur Bus. Usually the buses depart every 10 min. Tell the driver to let you know where to get off to go to the Plaza de Armas de Casa Blanca. Tickets start from 3K CLP ($ 4.50 USD)

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